Our Brands


The Paradise Brand of Products is well known and accepted in the market place today.

Over the years, the company has invested significant amount of resources to promote and establish the Brand.

This brand now enjoys good customer loyalty and this is indicative through the steady increase in our import volumes over the last couple of years.

This level of Brand success has been achieved through the company's commitment to source and supply the local market with quality and affordable products, where consumers get value for their money.

The Paradise brand of products enjoy good market share with encouraging indications of further growth, resulting in a win- win situation for all stakeholders.
We have reputable suppliers to ensure quality and stock continuity.

The company has built up good brand awareness and relationship with various communities through the support and sponsorship of their sporting events, church functions, advertising in magazines and newspapers etc.

Instore promotions, merchandising, food tasting etc are carried out on a regular basis in consultation with shop managers to increase brand sales volumes per shop and build on brand awareness in different localities.

We will be happy to discuss on any specific promotional requirements that you may have.
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